Finax flour with excellent baking properties

Four 40 years we, at Finax, have produced flour and other products based on grain from the Skåne region. We take great care in selecting and buying base ingredients of only the highest and consistent quality. Throughout manufacturing processes we also perform careful quality controls to ensure that you will find healthy and top-quality products on your grocery store shelves.

Finax flour has excellent qualities for baking, which will help ensure a successful result of your baking efforts. The same goes for our flour from the renowned Ramlösa Mill, with its longstanding tradition, from where some grain and flour types are specifically suited for cakes or cooking. And our oatmeal – with them you can easily cook up a wholesome porridge or use them to make your breads and rolls even more fibrous and deliciously moist.

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Finax Manitoba Cream

Finax Hulled Wheat
Wholegrain Flour

Ramlösa Rye Flour

Finax Oatmeal

”We only produce what we ourselves would give to our children”.