A family business from Helsingborg

In 1973 brothers Leif and Rolf Abdon built one of the World’s first fully automated grain mills outside their home town of Helsingborg.

In the beginning the flour produced was sold to various industrial customers and bakeries but soon the company expanded to also supply retail consumers.

During travels to Switzerland in 1978 the idea of a Swedish muesli was born. Having been served muesli with breakfast at Swizz hotels, the brothers realized the potential in launching a Swedish equivalent. The following year Sunt & Gott becomes available to Swedish customers – making it the first Swedish muesli on the market. Sunt & Gott became an instant success and remains one of Sweden’s most popular mueslis today.

In 1983 Finax starts developing and offering gluten free products to consumers. This step becomes the beginning of an ongoing process which eventually sees gluten free products develop from being a “medically profiled” product, mainly available at pharmacies, to becoming a broad ranged series of products readily available in grocery stores and supermarkets across the country.

”Vi tillverkar bara produkter vi vill ge till våra egna barn”.